Why Go to French Schools in France While You Can Study Online? Here are the Reasons…

Because of the advancement of our technology today, everything seems to be possible online. You see, shopping, banking, work, entertainment, dating and even studying are now all possible with just a computer and internet! In a way, this evolution of our technology helps our lives and keeps almost everything easy and time-consuming.

Studying, for an instance, is now so modernized that even through free instant messaging providers like YM and skype, it is very possible. Many people who are too busy with their schedule or those who just want to be in the comfort of their homes prefer taking up French courses online. Who would not want it? It’s convenient, time-consuming and cheaper than flying ton another country and choose among the French schools in France and study there. But, think about experience… think about new environment… think about serious learning… think about the beauty of France… and think about everything French.

Would it be more memorable to enroll into French schools in France? It could be a little bit pricey and more of a hassle but the experience is worth it all. It is based on the testimonials of foreign students who opted to conduct their learning in France than being in their homes facing the computer for the lessons. Here is a statement from a foreign student Christopher Bowen who went to Paris in Spring 2009 to study and take French courses:

“I was actually interested in French culture and language and I had taken it in high school and in college so I felt that a logical extension would be to go (Paris) and spend some time and the culture that I studied for some years.”

“…I’ve been to DC but nothing compared to Paris, a big, big city but no big skyscrapers that I was expecting huge buildings and stuffs but it wasn’t the way Paris was. It felt very 19th century and that’s very cool.”

“The classes were somewhat difficult only because it was a new knowledge in a foreign language. It was somewhat complicated but if you went home and looked at your notes, it wouldn’t be a major problem. And the teachers were very accommodating. They understood that their class was full of non-native speakers so they didn’t use intense vocabulary so they understood their target audience was not native.”

“I lived in a host family which I could recommend to most people rather than living in dorms with other Americans because it really forces you to get in the mindset of the people in that country… you really need to take that time and live the way that they do and experience it.”

“I feel I got a lot of cultural knowledge especially French… I got a very French culture and the understanding of it and the language… “

“My advice is to put yourself out there and try to immerse yourself as much as you can in the culture.”

Christopher surely had a great time with his experience as a foreign student in Paris, France. Like Christopher, students who made their way to France to study French have the same statements. They are all satisfied and very happy. They believe that it’s all worth it.