Ready to Learn French in France. Now, what’s next?

Close-up of a young woman packing her suitcase

Everything’s set and you have organized everything to fly to and learn French in France. Your mind is now filled with excitement and perhaps, a little bit of anxiousness. Many people just like you are worried on how to deal properly with the French people. Yes, it is one important factor you should know prior to your trip. You must be familiar on how the French people deal with foreigners like you as well as to their customs and etiquettes.

Handshaking, hugging, and kissing are the common gestures when French people greet their friends, family and tourists. Surprisingly, numbers of kisses vary in every part of France so expect to see French people kissing each other’s cheeks two to four times. When it comes to communicating with the French people, they tend to be straightforward yet in a tactful way and they will always display frankness but in a gentle way. You should now expect the unexpected.

Sometimes, when French people meet foreigners, they hesitate to speak English that is why you should know the basic French language words first. At first meeting, French people tend to have an arm’s length distance and they are always reserved. However, during consequent meetings, touching takes place as it is a sign of friendliness. Yet, when communicating with them, direct eye contact should be done for them to see you are sincere in making friends with them.

When you learn French in France, you are expected to be not as punctual as what you used to be. There is a high rate of traffic in France that is why being late is not an issue. However, do not make it as an excuse every time. Still, being punctual is better and French people will really appreciate that. And during gatherings, you will find French people take it quite a while in greeting each other. To them, it is rude to not to greet and say “hi” and “hello”.

Other people may find French customs and etiquette too strange and too formal. However, the beautiful treasured customs and etiquette of France make the foreigners and tourists to keep on coming back. When you get there and learn French in France, you will find it unforgettable and worth to be cherished.