Tips on How to Choose Online Courses to Become a Better Writer

Becoming a better writer takes practice, but it also takes education. This education is a lifelong process, because even the most accomplished writer can improve. The successful writers are those who dedicate themselves to becoming better throughout their careers. For a long time, the only education available was in traditional brick and mortar schools, but now there are many online courses to become a better writer, some high quality and some not as much so. The following are basic tips on how to choose online courses to become a better writer.

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Some writers are expert spellers and have huge vocabularies, but have difficulty with syntax; while others can compose beautiful prose, except that it’s filled with “Do u like too dance?” Similarly, some writers have first-rate research skills but write wooden prose, while others write fluid and engaging prose but don’t know how to research Jesus’ birthday. There is no shame in having any of those weaknesses, or many others, but most effort should go toward turning them into strengths. The right online courses will not only build in on a writer’s existing strengths but pay the most attention to strengthening the specific weaknesses.

Choose the Right Level

The first level of writing is concerned with basic elements of prose such as punctuation, grammar, spelling and vocabulary. The second level is where the writer learns various styles appropriate to various readerships, including certain basic rules of that prose. For example, a speechwriter learns the basic techniques of rhetoric, while a fiction writer learns rules such as show-don’t tell. The third level is where a writer has mastered various techniques and rules and comes to regard them as training wheels to be removed and put aside. A writer of fiction on this level knows that it is sometimes appropriate to tell rather than show, and relies on skill, experience and intuition to decide when to do so. In choosing online courses to become a better writer, it’s important to be realistic about the writer’s current level and choose courses suitable for it.
Online courses to become a better writer offer ease of access, convenience, affordability, and many other benefits not available in traditional schools. By addressing the above two aspects of writing growth, a writer can maximize the chance of choosing the right courses.