Online Music College Courses

If you love music, then you should not miss some online music college courses to give you the chance to take your musical skills to the next level. There are free online college courses to help you enhance your knowledge and talent in music, so stay tuned to this article to get to know about them.

What Are College Music Courses?

  1. Emory University. You can learn about the politics in music for enrolling in this school. It comes with 23 lessons to cover aspects, including protest music, patriotic music and others. You can also learn through iTunes podcasts that will help you learn how tunes and music can transmit and help you learn of some political ideas for a transformation.
  2. Harvard University. Here, you will be able to take up college music courses through about six lectures of over eleven hours. You can learn of topics that cover phonology, semantics and syntax. You can view your lessons using YouTube and iTunes. You can also buy the printed versions of the lessons through Amazon and DVD.
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It will help you learn about the basics of music composition. You can also learn of skills composed of various musical cultures, graphing sound, rhythm, electronic music and jazz. In their offered music cheap online college courses, you can access the history and aesthetics of musical technology that took place in the last centuries. You can also access the audio music clips and lectures online. If you already have background in music composition, you may want to study about melodic writing, accompaniment and counterpoint, among others. You can also learn about variable music texture here. With MIT, you will be able to complete listening and reading activities that are found online.
  4. University of California. You will learn of the basic musical notations and terms here through an introduction in tonal music. You will be able to learn of the various math concepts involved in chords and scales.

Study In Any of the Online Music College Courses

Take your musical knowledge and skills to the next level by enrolling in any of the schools mentioned above. Visit their official website to learn of the admissions requirements and admissions deadline. Become a successful music artist soon!