Online Courses for Programming


Computer sciences have advanced at an astonishing pace ever since their invention. As the field progressed, newer & better algorithms and programming languages were developed to make better use of the new hardware, and to make use of existing hardware in an even more efficient manner. In the process, a lot of programming languages came into existence; and today, the world of computer science is jam-packed with numerous programming languages, interfaces and APIs.
While the development has been immense and very much welcomed, it has also made it necessary to learn those languages in-depth to make a mark in the programming sector. Thankfully, the development of the field has produced some solutions for this problem, as well. There are online courses available today that can be taken from the comfort of one’s own home, and languages can be learnt at the learner’s own pace.

Online Courses

Online courses are the best solution to the student who is short on time. With the help of the Internet, many programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and web programming technologies can be learnt, often interactively, in a controlled environment and at a steady pace, so as not to overwhelm the beginners. At the end of the course, many websites offer online tests and certifications upon completion, which serve as an added feather to the beginner’s cap.

The following are some examples of websites that offer online programming courses:

  1. This is an excellent site for beginners or who are new to the world of computer coding and technology. The site attempts to take the beginner through the basics of web programming, and then introduces him/ her to more complex concepts. It doesn’t hurt that the courses on this site are absolutely free of cost.
  2. This site is another excellent free resource that takes the visitor through the world of programming step-by-step with the help of some very helpful video tutorials.
  3. Coursera: This is a site that is a collaboration of several universities worldwide. The site offers a vast set of courses online, including programming courses, and even provides certificates from the universities themselves, all for free. The online courses also include exercises and video lectures from experts on the field from universities such as Stanford, Cambridge and Harvard.